Disc High Pressure Cabin Washing Machine 800

HPWM series cabin washing machines has been designed for cleaning of small, complex components with high pressured water based degreaser. The pump which operated by footswitch allows hands free cleaning; and provide better control tot he oprator. The high flow rate pump allows oustanding performance for perfect cleaning results, together with the water based degreaser.

The heathed degreaser, which heated by an efficient heating system is increasing washing quality. And insulated washing tank reduces energy consumption. The washing cabin is well illuminated by a lamp; monitoring is provided through glass and air jet cleaning system which ensures continuous excellent visibility during washing operation. The machine is also equiped with air gun for drying of the parten after washing.

There are two stages filtering inside. First filtering has been done through to stainless steel basket filter can clean easily. Second filtering has been done by a filter has higher filtering capacity. A digital display shows the operating temperature for optimal cleaning performance and Manometer shows pump pressure continuously.